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Often, when a seller is thinking of selling their home, they will call a realtor for a Free Market Evaluation. This will include the most recent sales, the active listings that their home will be competing against and also the homes that have expired (those that were listed too high and failed to sell). Once this has been reviewed the seller will inquire about the realtors fee. In the Kitchener Waterloo area, the real estate commissions have been either 5% or 6% of the sale price.

However the seller is often unaware of the wide range of services that are being offered from one company to the next. It is even startling how different two agents can be within the same office! Well, you can that be? Don't the agents who work for the same company offer the same service? No!

Here's why. Each real estate agent is an "independent contractor" working under the umbrella of their own company. Therefore, they have already determined how the real estate commission will be divided between the company and the agent. This variation may range from 50% to 95%. Therefore, it is often at the agent's sole discretion, how they are going to market the listing and what activities they are going to do to sell your home. This varies a lot!

Take for example, a single agent who is working on their own compared to a Real Estate Team of 4 or 5 members. There's lots to do when a listing is taken, such as: processing the listing, feature sheets, ads to be written for the newspaper & magazines, digital photos to be taken, resized and uploaded; web pages to be designed and uploaded, special flyers to be prepared, hot line scripts to be written and recorded...and the list goes on! This takes hours of work "behind the scenes". Did you ever think what happens when the sole agent is suddenly called out to show other buyers some properties, list another home, has a ton of emails to answer or just gets sick? The odds of getting all the listing work done quickly and efficiently, becomes questionable! However, when a complete team is put into action, there's a greater chance the job will get done.

Have you ever talked to your friends and they said "Yes, the first two weeks were great and then we never heard from the agent again! We never received any updates and we never seen any ads for our home! Don't let this happen to you!

To streamline the process of listing a home, Roy Cleeves, Broker of Keller Williams Golden Triangle has developed 3 Seller Service Packages. Our Seller Packages gives the seller 3 unique and different packages to choose from. They alert the seller to the fact that not all agents are the same. The seller packages educates the seller to what & when different activities will be done to market their home. It also keeps the agent accountable!

Here are the 3 Special Seller Packages that we offer:

Bronze Package:

We have "unbundled" the services offered by many real estate companies and offer you the "Bronze" Seller Package which includes the services you need, while not paying for the services you don't need or want. Our "Bronze" Seller Package offers you optimum exposure on the MLS system, while reducing other advertising, for those who want to sell their home and achieve the "Bottom Line" for themselves.

Silver Package:

We not only offer all the advertising that other agents give, but much more! For our Gold Seller Package, we have systematized our business and strongly embraced the world of technology. We proudly offer our sellers the benefit of our very popular website at as a venue to sell their home. In addition, our Realty Information Hotline is an excellent marketing tool. Roy Cleeves, Broker will be happy to review all the extra options available in this package.

Gold Package:

This is our deluxe package which offers everything in the above two packages, plus much more. There are times, when "speed of implementation" is critical. The seller wants to move NOW! We offer many other options in this package to "get the job done" and get it done "fast". Give us a call today to review how this excellent plan can work for you.

If you are interested in receiving a FREE Market Analysis on your home, give us a call and we will promptly meet with you and review our 3 Seller Packages to determine which one will suit you best. Keep in mind that The Hammer Team offers guarantees that are not common or duplicated in the local real estate industry. When you are ready for special attention, give us a call!





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