Kitchener Waterloo September Real Estate Update 2012
October 2012 
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Although the number of homes sold decreased compared to last year the average sale price for single family detached properties increased 4.7 percent to $347,666, condominiums 8.3 percent to $223,941, townhomes 4 percent to $262,174 and semis 1.7 percent to $238,834.


"While sales have slowed the last couple of months it has not been the dramatic shift we've seen in other regions," commented Sara Hill, President of the KWAR, "and when considered alongside the increase in average prices I think it reinforces the stability that our region has to offer to homeowners."


The average price of all residential properties sold year-to-date was $311,677 representing a 3.8 percent increase. More specifically, the average price of a detached home to the end of the third quarter was $354,815, an increase of 4 percent compared to $341,327 to the end of September 2011.


"From my perspective, there may not be as many sales but we certainly have not lost any ground in values as there continues to be a strong stable increase across the Region," stated Hill.


Consumers uncertain about current market conditions should work with a REALTORŪ to develop an effective selling strategy. If you are buying, a REALTORŪ will negotiate on your behalf and guide you through every step. A REALTORŪ understands the local market and must, by law, look after you best interests. Just Call Hammer 519-772-3759

Forbidden Foods You Should Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight


1.Caffeine - this is not just applicable coffee or tea but also to anything that has caffeine in it like some sodas. Along the same lines, cut out any beverage that contains aspartame (Nutra Sweet), high fructose corn syrup, or refined sugar. Since you need to drink a lot of water in order to lose weight, try water with a slice of lemon or lime in it.


2. Alcohol is a no-no in any weight loss plan. It's alright to drink a glass of wine with dinner, but not the entire bottle. There's no quicker way to pack on the pounds than to drink excessive amounts of alcohol - even the ones that claim they have fewer calories. Moderation is the key with alcoholic beverages!

3. Boxed Pre-Packaged Foods - as a general rule, stay away from a lot of these products. If you cannot recognizethe ingredients you should just avoid them. In other words, anything with a lot of chemicals on the ingredient list are not going to be good for your diet.


4.White rice, while very filling, contains starches that can inhibit your weight loss. Stick to brown rice instead . Pasta mixes are usually also not good because of the starches they contain. Stick to whole grain pastas instead. They taste just as good.


5. Breads - white breads should also be avoided. Whole grain breads provide you with the carbohydrates you need and are less processed than the white breads. Be sure the bread you choose is made with whole wheat flour instead of just wheat flour. Believe me, it makes a difference. If you love Mexican food, stick to whole wheat flour tortillas or corn tortillas when you choose your burritos, enchiladas, or soft tacos.


6. Canned and Jar Foods - anything that is canned or jarred needs to be free of excessive chemicals. If the label contains ingredients with more than four syllables or are hyphenated, it won't be good for your diet. Chicken broth can be very fatty, so stay away. So are many soup mixes. The good news is that there are plenty of light or low fat choices out there. These are the ones you should choose.


Commercially-made tomato sauces or tomato based sauces contain ridiculously huge amounts of sugar and salt. A better choice is to make these sauces yourself where you can control what goes into it. If it's been canned, it's been cooked thus it loses some of its most beneficial nutrients. They can also contain processed or refined sugars, so stick to fresh fruits and vegetables instead. If you have to have a little oil to cook your foods in, choose extra virgin olive oil over the vegetable or corn based oils.


7. Meats - choose only lean meats to get your protein intake. It is commonly known that you should try to stay away from red meats like beef. Choose fresh fish instead of canned ones and be sure it's of the lower fat variety. This includes salmon, tilapia, and cod. Don't bread your fish either, broil it or grill it to get rid of any residual fat that might remain. White meat chicken breasts are better than dark meat because the darker meat contains more fat. The same applies to turkey. Tuna is always a good choice - even if it's canned. Just be sure to get the tuna canned in water - not oil!


8. Dairy - skim milk should be your first choice over whole milk. However avoid drinking too much milk, because it naturally contains some fats that can turn into unnecessary fat on you! Cheese, is unfortunately is also a big no-no during dieting. You can, however, find low-fat or fat-free cheese in most grocery stores, so always pick these first. But use it sparingly! Eggs are all right on your diet, but you're better off to use only the whites . Egg substitutes are a great way to get your egg fix, so look for these in the store as well. Fat-free sour cream is alright in moderation, but try to substitute with plain yogurt instead.

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