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How does it work?

All MLS Kitchener Waterloo homes for sale are offered to our buyers by our computerized "Buying Smart" Program. You'll receive all the latest listings that fit your exact requirements every day! The Hammer Team were the first agents to introduce and offer this FREE exclusive "Buying Smart" program in the K-W area. If you have a signed buyer agency agreement with another real estate salesperson, please note that we do not offer this service to you. It takes work to send out the listings and we don't want to do someone elses job for them, plus we do not want to interfere with your legally binding agreement you have entered by signing a buyer agency agreement.

Base List

We review your Needs & Wants, including your price range and your family's special requests. We input that information directly into our computers, and every night our computers compile a list of the homes which apply specifically to you. We'll discover if there are new listings for you to look at...every 24 hours!

Daily/Weekly Updates

Each day we send you all the new MLS listings, including both the photos and the property information, and deliver them to you by e-mail. This gives you the opportunity to receive this information quickly; BEFORE other buyers or even some real estate agents!

What are the BENEFITS for you?

  • You receive consistent DAILY updates of new MLS listings that suit your exact requirements.
  • By calling us you receive the FIRST opportunity to see the properties BEFORE they hit the newspapers, magazines, or the MLS book!
  • You are able to see the neighborhood and the exterior BEFORE you bother to tour the home.
  • You "take control" and select only the homes YOU want to see...not the homes the agent wants to show you!
  • YOU CALL US...we don't call you when you're ready to view some homes. NO MORE AGENTS CONTINUALLY HOUNDING YOU TO LOOK AT HOMES!!!
  • Our buyers enjoy "Open Housing" without us. No more hassles!

What are the BENEFITS for us?

  • Our buyers are more knowledgeable about the homes and the areas.
  • Our buyers preview as many homes as they need to, to feel more comfortable with the market prices and values.
  • We are always available when you want to see your selection of homes.
  • Our consistent updates create loyal and trusting relationships, because you know you can count on us to be there for you.
  • Our buyers like our "Hassle-Free" system, and they recommend us to their friends and co-workers.

How do we join the FREE "Buying Smart Program?"

To enroll in the "Buying Smart™ Program, fill in the form below. It helps us, if you are as detailed as possible. When the form is complete, send it to us by clicking the Submit button. Your hot listings will be coming shortly after that.


Wants & Needs List
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Single Detached
Semi Detached
Freehold Townhouse
In-law Setup
4-plex or larger
Student Rental
2 Storey
Any Style
Minimum # of Bedrooms   
Minimun # of Bathrooms   
Age New 10 years or less 25 years or less Age doesn't matter
Location Just Kitchener Listings Just Waterloo Listings Just Rural Listing
  Just Kitchener and Waterloo Listings It doesn't matter 
Priced From: $ to $
"Comfort Zone" Price: $
Must Have
Doesn't Matter
Not Interested
Big Lot Size
Quiet Street
By Public Transit
Finished Recroom
Central Air
Master Ensuite
Upgraded Plumbing
Upgraded Wiring
Recent Roof
Recent Furnace
Handyman Special
Completely Move-in Condition
You have selected many items that are important to you and your family. Now it is time to really focus on the most important features. Please list your top three items only.You will find that no home is perfect that is why it is important t concentrate on which 3 items will bring that sparkle to your eyes!
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