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Internet Searchers

We heard about "The Hammer Team" through a relative who was a co-worker of Carol several years go. We were concerned with the "pricy" market, not to mention we were living in England, Uk and starting our search over the internet with the Hammer Team. We received new listings daily via email Full Story

No Down Payment Mortgage!
You Can Buy A Beautiful Home With a No Down Payment Mortgage - No Matter What Other Companies Say!
"Chance" brought us to Carol
...and the Cold Hard Facts kept us linked with her as our agent! Facts like Carol saying "You call me...I won't call you". There wasn't any pressure in the 9 months we took to find our home.
The Buying Smart Program (binder) was also a selling point for us. Having the information available at our leisure was great. There is a ton of info in there! Frequent questions were answered and every step of the process was covered.
Our story.
Transfer Tax
The Ontario government moved to promise legislation to extend the land transfer tax rebate program... Tax Payable!

This Home Inspection put money back into their pockets!

Brian & Kelly had been looking for a home for some time. Two weeks ago, we found exactly what they wanted. It was a 50+ year old home with lots of charm, nice deck & yard...but it needed work! We decided a home inspection was a must, before we decided to buy it! Full Story...

We don't have much Savings...but we still want to buy a home soon!

Judy & Chris wanted to get out of their apartment in the worst way! They had saved only $2500. They met with Roy Cleeves, Broker for a "Buyer Chat". She explained they might be able to get into a home, sooner than they think.

By reviewing their financial situation, Carol determined they both had steady jobs (been there for over a year), and made good incomes. After checking their tax assessment notice they realized they qualified for a large RRSP contribution and also for a loan which would help them get started. With the RRSP and the loan in place, they knew when spring arrived, with their sizable tax refund, they would have a much larger down payment and be in a position to purchase their first home! Call Carol today, if you'd like to get started on your "house hunting"!

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How to save big money when buying a home
Home inspection saves money
Why do I need a buyer agent?
Building a new home
Everything you say can be held against you!

Consultant vs. Salesperson

Mortage Interests
Calculate your mortgage payment

Get a pre approved mortgage

Mortgage intelligence
Current interest rates


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